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Welcome to Alfridam stud in Sweden.

Arabian horse breeder focus at Egyptian bloodlines.

The vision is to keep the origin and at the same time create a new future.

To breed Arabian Horses who are elegant not only in their movements

but also in their essence, to have a detailed beauty and classical look.

The Arabian Horse is great to work with.

Their fantastic qualities like their stamina, agility and their sensibility.

The Arabian Horse has it all, the strength and the beauty.


Photo by Frida L.Mattsson. - September 2013


The stud is only producing a small scale of foals due to the attitude of only choosing carefully picked individuals that will help bringing the vision of correct breeding further. The most important thing is to be selective in the breeding plan and the great significance to always stay focused of the ultimate objective one has set for oneself and never stray regardless of whatever temptations you might come across.

I grew up in a family that breed pedigree dogs and cats on a very high level, so my interest in breeding, (specifically appearance and colour genetics) has always been with me due to my mother and her associates.

At a young age, as most other young girls, I started as the typical horse girl. All horse sports are exciting in their own special way, they all have their advantages. Personal I have my passion for dressage and academic riding.


Photo by Frida L.Mattsson. - September 2013


The official year for Alfridam Stud was at 2007. That was Alfridam stud premiere year to show Arabian Horses in the show ring and what a success the stud began with.

My own breed black arabian horse colt FLM Verdi took the titles;

2nd place 89,0 and Reserve Champion Jr colt at Drammen, Norway B-show, 1st place 90,33 and Reserve Champion Jr colt and Best Swedish stallion breed at Blommeröd, Sweden B-show,

1st place 89,38 and TopFive at Vilhelmsborg, Denmark A-show.

And to the last the title Nordic Show Cup Jr Champion Colt to have highest total points for the 3 biggest shows in the Nordic countries.

News 2007-2011


Photo by Frida L.Mattsson. - September 2013

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